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Neurotoxin in Newport Beach, CA

Our facial muscles are constantly in use, all day long. This repetitive contraction of facial muscles causes the skin to eventually form lines and wrinkles.The good news? We can undo them.
Neurotoxins, such as Botox, works at reversing the very process that causes lines and wrinkles in the first place, relaxing the muscles and restoring a younger looking appearance. It is a non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift with minimal pain. It takes up to four days to see results and they last up to four months.

  • Types Offered

    ● Botox● Xeomin● Dysport● Jeuveau

  • Uses

    ● Bunny Lines● Cheek Augmentation● Dimpled Chin/Mental Crease● Double Chin Reduction● Forehead Augmentation● Frown Lines● Gummy Smile● Jawbone Reduction● Lines and Wrinkles Correction with Fillers● Lip Augmentation
    ● Lip Flip
    ● Lower Eyelid Injections
    ● Lower Eyelid (Jelly Roll)
    ● Mid-Arch Brow Lift
    ● Nasal Flare/Nasal Tip
    ● Platysma (Neck) Bands
    ● Vertical Lip lines

Not only will we ensure you get the best treatment at our spa, we also send home with you a detailed aftercare instructions sheet to ensure the best care at home as well. ​