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Med Spa FAQ: How to get fox eyes without surgery?New article

Med Spa FAQ: How to get fox eyes without surgery?New article

As the beauty industry has grown, all sorts of beauty trends have gone viral. Typically, beauty influencers set the trend and soon everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. In 2020, the fox eyes trend came about and soon people were getting cosmetic surgery to achieve the look. But while it can be achieved under the knife, there are other ways to do it. This article will explain exactly how to get fox eyes without surgery.

Fox eyes or designers eyes is a beauty trend that highlights almond shaped, upturned eyes. It was popularized by influences like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. In order to achieve this look, you would typically need to go through Blepharoplasty, which is the surgery of the eyes. This involves removing excess skin or fat to rejuvenate or change the shape of the eyes. Alternatively, they may decide to raise the brows.

These surgical options are not the only ways you can achieve fox eyes. Next we will discuss some of the non-surgical ways it can be done.

These methods, also known as nonsurgical blepharoplasty typically involve using injections to raise the brow and thereby achieve the fox eyes effect.

Dermal fillers are injectables that use skin-plumping solutions that fill in wrinkles. Typically, derma fillers use the hyaluronic acid, a substance that retains moisture allowing the area it’s injected into to plump. Your doctor will use this plumping effect to mould your eyes into the right shape. This is a popular option because it is non-surgical and is temporary, only lasting for about two years. This means that when the trend dies out, you won’t be left with a permanent look.

All people are different which means they also react very differently to types of treatment. People with high levels of collagen will likely react well to fillers and get the desired look. People of white, european heritage, on the other hand, will not react as well. They typically lose their levels of collagen earlier meaning that willers can look uneven. For these people, the best option is typically to go down the surgical route.

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As with many medical procedures, there are some risks involved in getting fillers for fox eyes. Fillers can lead to lumpiness and swelling. Delayed swelling is another issue and can happen weeks after the procedure is completed. As it’s a procedure of the eyes, there are even risks of blindness that can happen.

Fox eyes are a beauty trend coveted by many, especially as it’s a trend being set by icons like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. While surgery is often chosen to create the effect, there are non-surgical options like derma fillers. Because you are dealing with your eyes, it’s important that you have a doctor you can trust performing the procedure. Beyond Beauty Medical are a foremost expert in cosmetic procedures and can help you achieve that perfect look.